Easy Craft Paint Storage

I saw this on Pinterest and loved the idea! So this is my version, along with paint brush storage cups. I used black semi-gloss paint I had from another project and scrap wood we had in the garage. So the entire project was just $20 for the purchase of the wire storage cubes themselves! Look around at what you have, you may be surprised at what you can make for little or no money!


I started with wire storage cubes I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $20.


 Another score is that I still can build 3 wire storage cubes after building 2 hanging craft paint holders. They each can hold about 75 bottles of acrylic paint! Plenty of room to grow my stock!

The theme for my office/studio is Disney’s Haunted Mansion. So I went for black and used distressed wood painted black with purple accents. I sanded the wood pieces in strategic places till I had the look I was after. The stake I found to use as spacers for the corners for the paint holders had aged nicely out in the weather. I believe it was a garden stake of some kind.


We cut them at 4″ each and notched them so the wire would fit snug. This took a bit of work till we got them to fit just right.


Once they were cut, notched and sanded a bit, I dry brushed them with some black acrylic paint.IMG_9251

We then used heavy kitchen string, like the kind you would use to tie up a turkey, to hold them snug into the corners.


They were then hung from a loop of the same thread and held by a weathered screw. The end result works but moves more than I’d like for the long haul. I think I will eventually cut a piece of plywood the same size (painting and distressing it the same way) and run screws through the back and into each wooden peg. Then screw the wood to the wall, making them very solid and giving me more room above them to hand two Disney prints I’ve had my eye on (hehe)


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