Cleaning Your Paint Basin

If you paint enough you may end up with a basin that looks like this one.

image(1) copyEven though a basin that looks like this one means you have been creating all kinds of wonderful works of art, it also means it’s not working for you as well as it should. The more the paint builds up the less effective the ridges are at the bottom, or on the sides that clean your brush. And if it’s like this one, with slots on the side to hold your brush in the water, the your bristles will start catching on the sides and ruin your brush. So how do you get rid of all that built up gunk?

A nice BIG bottle of VODKA! No not for  drinking, although you probably wont care about your nasty basin is if you hit the sauce. But seriously, you have probably heard me talk about using it to lift painting mistakes. Well it’s the same here. Just poor it to the top, let it sit for a few hours or over night. Then start pealing it off. You can also use a stiff toothbrush to scrub it off.

It requires a little work, but the end result is work the work. Especially if it’s a basin you love.

See, all better! 🙂 Happy Painting!!



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