Color Match Source Book

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This is one of my FAVORITE tools!  When you are planning a project it takes the guesswork out of matching and blending colors.



Being able to convert colors by brand is a HUGE help! Sometimes  you are not able to find the exact color that your supply list calls for. This book gives you the name of the same color in other brands. Then there is the issue of what colors to use for shading and highlighting. Done! All guesswork removed. Saves me tones of time!


When I am headed to the art store to shop for more paint, it’s a book I always have with me.  Because without a doubt you will end up ending to know matching colors. It also has a section in the front to plan your project. image6






Some of the features of the book are:

  • TCS Number. Identifies the unique color qualities which these six color/mixes have in common.
  • Pure Color Pigment label
  • Indicating if the color is a shade lighter or darker than the represented color.
  • Suggested shading and highlighting colors
  • How to blend colors to get exact match for a missing color.
  • Color samples for each color.
  • Personal notes and inventory record section.


Definitely a tool I recommend you grab! I was able to find used copies on Amazon.

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