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How being in the business of art affects my art

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It’s one thing to paint for yourself. The things you love, in the colors you love. A painting to complete a room in your home. Easy enough. But to paint for the public can be more challenging.  Taping into your customers likes and dislikes is vital.

For instance, I have allot of “Folk Art” pieces in my home. It’s what I started painting in the beginning. image1There is definitely a market for that but it’s a limited one. So to venture into the business of selling art I had to be more open and learn other styles, and techniques. Because I love to paint this was easy and fun.

I noticed there was quite a big market for abstract art. That was something I had never tried. Once I began to research and follow abstract artists, I started to fall in love with abstract. Some of them are just incredible!  Creating some of my own was fun, frustrating and messy! But worth it!

Another first for me was painting on canvas. The Folk Art pieces I had done in the past were almost always on wood. Learning different mediums was also important. Canvas has now become my medium of choice.

Overall, selling art has stretched me as a artist, and forced me out of my comfort zone. It have become a fantastic journey, and deepened my love for art in general.